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Using the Flo by Moen App



The Dashboard is the home screen in your Flo by Moen app. You can always access it from the home icon in the bottom left hand corner of the Flo by Moen app. From your Dashboard, you can access any pending alerts, see the status of your device(s), change your System Mode, and more.

Water Consumption & Sensor Trends

See an overview of your water usage trends, monitor how much water you're consuming, and see your home's flow rate. Set conservation goals to encourage saving water and money, and see how your usage is tracking against your goal.

System Mode

Adjust the system mode of your location on the Dashboard to Home, Away, or Sleep so the Flo system can better protect you. Device mode can be adjusted by clicking the mode selector in the upper right hand corner of your Flo by Moen app.

  • Home Mode is the regular system mode that is recommended for day-to-day use. System monitoring and notifications are available. Actions are performed by the user. Home Mode activates the regular protection expected from the Flo System, such as alarm notifications and automatic water shutoff. Except for circumstances where the inhabitants of the home will be gone for an extended period of time, or when Sleep Mode is appropriate, the system should be left in Home Mode.
  • Away Mode is the system mode appropriate for when the inhabitants of the home will be gone for an extended period of time. System monitoring and notifications are available. Actions are performed automatically on user’s behalf. Away Mode adds additional protection to the home by learning what is normal for the home when inhabitants are not present, and in the event of a potentially dangerous condition, the system may take quicker precautionary action by shutting off the water.
  • Sleep Mode is a system mode that ignores all proactive and real-time tests, parameters, and quiets all alarm notifications, effectively putting the Flo System to sleep. System is in manual mode. System monitoring is available, notifications are disabled and actions are performed by the user. Sleep Mode should only be used when the home is experiencing or will experience irregular water usage which may trigger an undesired alarm. For example, Sleep Mode may be used when washing a car, refilling a swimming pool, having guests over the home, all of which may cause more water than considered normal to be used and may trigger a critical alarm. Following initial installation of the Flo device, the Flo System may start in Sleep Mode to learn the home’s water habits before being set in Home Mode.

Device Details

Through the Device Details for any selected device, you can view your device's water pressure, flow rate, temperature, and turn your main water supply ON or OFF.  You can also run a Health Test and turn your home's water supply ON or OFF by pressing this switch on the bottom of the Device Details screen.

Health Test

You can choose to run a Health Check at any time by selecting the 'Run Health Test' button on the Device Details for a selected device. Flo also performs an automatic Health Test once a day in addition to constantly monitoring your daily water usage. In order to run the Health Test, Flo shuts off your homes water and records any loss in your home's water pressure. The water will automatically be turned back on if you attempt to use it during the Health Test. You are also able to run your own manual Health Test through the Flo by Moen app any time you wish from a Device Details view. 

Alert Notifications

This screen allows you to view a time-stamped history of alerts recorded by your Flo by Moen Smart Water Shutoff. An alert is a notification from Flo sent to a User. To access Alerts from your Flo by Moen Mobile app, tap on the alerts icon in the bottom navigation menu, or click on a pending alert from your Dashboard view.

The alerts can be critical in nature, warnings, or simply system notifications. Alerts can be sent via push notification, text, email, or via phone calls from Flo Support. You can access your alerts via your Flo Mobile App or User Portal

Critical Alerts

Alerts where water could be automatically shut off. Water System Shutoff is a critical alert related to Flo automatically shutting off of your water as a precautionary measure because Flo detected an underlying critical alert, and you may not have responded to the underlying critical alert.

  • Fast Water Flow is a critical alert related to a high rate of water flow.
  • Extended Water Usage is a critical alert related to water running consistently for an excessive period of time.
  • High Water Usage is a critical alert related to an excessive, total amount of water consumed.

Water Warning Alerts

Alerts that detect water system vulnerabilities.

System Warning Alerts

Alerts about Flo by Moen system, WLAN or power issues.

  • Device Offline is a system warning that your Flo by Moen Smart Water Shutoff has been disconnected from the internet for an extended period of time, which means limited functionality of the Flo System.
  • Valve Error is a system warning that the Manual Knob on your Smart Water Shutoff may not properly be in the Open or Close position, or may not be properly synced with the Flo System.
  • General System Error is a system warning that there may be miscellaneous operating issues with your Flo System.
  • Device Memory Error is a system warning that the Flo by Moen Smart Water Shutoff may have run out of memory.


FloProtect is an additional layer of protection to your home. In addition to the standard protection offered by the Flo by Moen Smart Water Shutoff device, you will also receive:

  • Water Damage Deductible Guarantee: Use the Flo by Moen System as intended, and we’ll cover the cost of your insurance deductible in the unlikely event of catastrophic water damage.
  • Proactive Monitoring + Water Concierge: Our team of experts monitor your home and will proactively find solutions for you if they detect a problem. Live chat with our support team if you get notified of a water issue to get it resolved fast.
  • Extended Product Warranty: Your Flo by Moen Device will come with an extended product warranty.

Fixture Detection

With fixture detection, you are able to understand what fixtures impact usage the most on the Fixtures screen in the app. How do I categorize my fixtures for Fixture Detection?

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