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MotionSense:Dual Sensor-Hands Free Faucet

MotionSense:Dual Sensor-Hands Free Faucet
The MotionSense: Dual Sensor-Hands Free Faucet can be controlled in three different ways. A top wave sensor, a front ready sensor and the lever handle. The product was introduced in 2012. If your faucet has a single side sensor, see MotionSense: Wave-Single Sensor Hands Free Faucet. If your faucet can be controlled through voice activation, see U By Moen Smart Faucet-Voice Activated.
2012-2015 Version: Gray control Box
2015- Present: Black Control Box 
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Troubleshooting Faucet Symptoms:

Troubleshooting Faucet Symptoms:

Cartridge Replacement:

1255 Cartridge: Kitchen Faucet NOTE-The 1255 can only be replaced in models using the gray control box-Replacing the 1255 cartridge in models with the black control box will void the warranty

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